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Ugly Building Contest Entry Roundup

While we wait to receive the results from our beautiful judges, we're happy to share with you most if not all of the entries that we received for our Ugliest Building Contest. We'll post these until we announce the winner next week. Stay tuned for more exciting details.

5800 W. Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036
READER SUBMITTAL: "5800 Wilshire Blvd @ CursonAvenue. I say this building is ugly, my husband says its offensive. You be the judge. They couldn't quite afford to put the marble facade around all four sides, so the side facing the Craft and Folk Art museum is bare. What exactly is the purpose of that multi-media screen? The blinking images there (mainly blue for some reason) flash all night long and are visible several blocks away. Clearly the marble was meant to put the building in the same league as the Wilshire Courtyard complex across Curson Ave, but the scale is all wrong. The bottom story glass windows are scratched and covered with graffiti. And although the owners are attempting to create permanence with all that marble, the long pipe in the foreground is a reminder that the building, across from the Tar Pits, sits on a pocket of methane gas. The saddest thing about this eyesore is that underneath it all is a cute tile and stucco mid-century building in vintage sea green. The occupant is Axium, in the business of “Human Capital Solutions.” Seems fitting somehow..”