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CurbedWire: Monkey McAngus

DOWNTOWN/HOLLYWOOD - Dear sweet monkey. You entertain us so. The Monkey's adventures inspired by our posts continue. After seeing the McAngus Burger ads blanketing the Metro, the Monkey fancies himself a meal. Breathtaking. [CurbedWire Inbox/YouTube/ Oosoomdotcom]

HOLLYWOOD - From a press release from our favorite CD13 employee, we learn that the Hollywood Palladium will be getting extremely made-over by new venue manager Live Nation. The important stuff: "Live Nation plans to completely renovate the 4,000 capacity live music venue, including adding major upgrades to the stage infrastructure to accommodate larger productions. In addition, the venue will get a top to bottom overhaul of all interior and exterior areas that will bring the music hall up to date while preserving the Palladium*s original aesthetic integrity. The renovation will begin immediately and the venue is expected to re-open in Fall 2008" [CurbedWire Inbox]