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Gehry Didn't Plan for Glo Sticks

And the Gehry fun continues. The architect has described his Walt Disney Hall as a "ceremonial barge for music," and now that barge is about to get overrun by the sparkling, pacifier-sucking set. Disney Hall is hosting its first-ever rave next month, playing host to DJ Spooky, Amon Tobin, Cut Chemist, and others. Dubbed "Pravda," the rave sounds less like an Ibiza all-nighter than a heady grad school bash: the DJs will play front of Russian film clips and art installations as part of "a progressive exploration of the sounds, sights, and philosophies of the Stalin era," according to NME.

Just hydrate, people. We don't need another incident like the unfortunate overdose during last month's Chamber Music performance.
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