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Gehry: Have You Got Your Tickets To His Gun Show?

It's not often that Curbed's world and the world of Defamer, our bastard cousin twice-removed by marriage, intersect. But this week there is one celeb sighting so good, so surreal, we must share. Apparently Frank Gehry (age 78) doesn't just shape LA - LA shapes him as well. Or rather, the buff boys at Muscle Beach have a new workout partner (but totally not in a gay way):

Of all the freaky-deaky things: Frank Venice's Gold's Gym? There was a funny moment when the master builder snapped at some meathead who dropped his 9,000-lb. weights to the floor with a deafening crash. Then Meathead snapped back at Gehry, "Ya wanna hear some noise, go to one a your damn sites!" The whole thing is just so surreal. After Bilbao, why ab crunches?Why indeed? Or is Gehry just getting used to his new neighborhood as he prepares to build his new residence on Harding Ave?
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