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Generous Men Offer Free Housing to Lucky Women

[Photo Credit: Flickr user Meowraurster]

Men are so generous and women are so lucky these days. All they have to do is be women and they can get free/cheap housing from an unassuming gentleman. While hunting around on Craigslist, we found two ads where women can live for free by helping the guy they’re living with. Ad number one merely requires some light housework:

I have a extra bedroom in my apartment, that i do not use at all. I would like to find a female around my age that is willing to help out around the house, Grocerie shopping dusting, Pick up dry cleaning nothing major, In exchange for rediced or free rent. I have been in bad situations before and have been helped out by people so why not return the favor. Female only i work with enough guys dont need to have one staying with me.The eloquence with which he writes assures any female that he is a complete gentleman who expects nothing. Ad number two seeks a female who’s a digital photo expert, nothing more required!

I'm willing to share my studio with a nice young female who can help me upload pictures to my celebrity picture website. I'm also looking for friendship since it is just a studio (a large one) If interested please reply with your pic and tell me about your situation then i'll show you mine.How sweet of him. We’ll bet his inbox is blowing up with interested women.
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