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Sky Sizzles Like NY Steak

New York magazine checks off non-New York apartments that pimp themselves as "New York-style living" and their smug list includes Los Angeles' own Sky Lofts. "Like living in Times Square West," claims the web site? ad? for Sky Lofts, a 132- unit/mixed use adaptive reuse development at 801 Grand.

Looking at the web site, we also learn the building "evokes a Manhattan-like sizzle," while the forthcoming LA Live is tagged "a Times Square-style sports and entertainment district." But residents get to feel like they're living in other cities, too! "Sky brings the best of New York, San Francisco and Chicago mixed-use style living to downtown LA’s South Park, home to Staples Center." (Yes, that photo looks like Chicago.) Living in three, well, four cities, will cost you from the mid-$600,000s-$1.3 million, according to the Sky web site.
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