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Jesus Loves a House Profit

Reverend to the stars, Tim Storey, looks to be making a hefty profit on his Beverly Hills house. Because Jesus would never want his servants to live in anything but luxury housing, Storey and his wife found themselves a little old place for $3.54 million back in ’03. Now The Savior has told them that it is time to cash out, so they’ve listed their house for $4.7 million. With Jesus on their side, they are sure to avoid any market softening. Besides the presence of The Lord, the purchaser of this house gets four bedrooms and six bathrooms in nearly 5000 square feet. Oh, how it warms our heart to see the sacrifices Rev. Storey has made in his service to spread the word of Jesus Christ!
· Reverend Storey High in the Hills of Beverly [Real Estalker]