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Rumblings & Bumblings: MTA Still Needs Your Cash Money

Co-editor Josh is a broken man. Tax season breaks him. So he's asked to be relieved from Rumblings & Bumblings duties this week so he can celebrate something more uplifting, like Holocaust Remembrance Day. What does this mean to you ultimately? Just that answers will be posted on Fri instead of Thurs this week since Thurs is the day we warp young undergraduate minds and don't go near our laptop.

1) Los Angeles: Cash is so dirty. And heavy. And inconvenient. One reader wants to know when cash will be obsolete at the MTA: "Since I know Curbed readers love all things public transportation: Is there any word about when the Metro TAP card program is going into effect, if at all? Or at least when the stinkin' ticket machines in the subway stops will start taking debit/credit cards?"

2) Mid-city: A reader needs an update on a proposed mixed-use project since he's tired of seeing a church and a strip mall on the corner: "Previously you mentioned plans for a 22 story building on La Brea and Wilshire (actually, its supposed to be 27 stories - ed.) to replace the existing church, parking lot, and strip mall. I live two blocks away and would actually love to see that project happen even though it will fuck parking I am sure. Any word on what is going on with that project?"

3) Beverly Hills: Oh goody! Another celebrity stalker in search of a target. Well, we're happy to oblige. Writes our reader: "For the past few weeks a dozen (or more) cars have been parking on theshoulder of Mulholland just east of Coldwater Canyon. The cars are there all day and into the night. The drivers are always near the cars, or often seated behind the wheel. Is this a paparazzi stakeout of some sort? If so who lives inside the gated community they're all waiting in front of?"

4) Hollywood: Is the building structurally unstable or are darker forces at work here? One reader notices a building with some bad mojo and needs more info: "I had a random question about the building at Franklin and El Cerrito. It's one block east of La Brea and on the south east corner of the intersection. It's a fairly large apartment complex that appears to have been deserted some time ago. The two weird things about it are 1) it seems as though it was left in somewhat of a hurry.. since there is still furniture in some of the apartments and a couple beat up cars in the parking lot and 2) with the real estate in Hollywood being prime as of late.. it seems as though something would be going on with this building. Any news? My thought is that it was abandoned after the Northridge quake."

5) Hollywood: Flattery will get you everywhere. Ok, maybe not everywhere but it will get you into R&B. And occasionally a Curbed editor's pants. One potential condo buyer needs to know if proximity to Runyon Canyon is worth the premium the seller is asking. We open the question to the wisdom of our readers: "Seras-Regis Group is about to complete a 1acre condo conversion on 7320 Hawthorn called the Hollywood Regis. I've seen it and have been impressed (as much as you can be impressed these days with a budget under 600k!!). Cool cabana style pool, small gym that does the job, low HOA and GREAT views to downtown (the real seller!) They're marketing the heck out of it. It's going for about $640 a square foot, a bit high. But the location near Runyon Canyon and Sunset is killer (for me). What do you know about this development?? Upside or stay away? You guys know all!!!!" Actually, dear reader, we know nothing. A fact made abundantly clear by our commentors on a daily basis.

Phew! This R&B stuff is hard! Time for a nap! Got more questions? Got answers? Let us know.