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Curbed LA Goes to A Roast & Toast

Last night we joined some old friend's at St. Vibiana's Cathedral (worst-acoustics-ever) to celebrate Hamid Behdad, formerly of the Mayor's Office, and now with his own company, Central City Development Group. CCDG-LA (no web site yet) is working on the 1027 Wilshire project. You know the one you all made fun of for not having any pedestrians in the renderings. Good stuff.

We saw quite a few people there of varying importance, including former Mayor James Hahn, who was lit up like a Cajun Christmas tree. We talked to the former Mayor about life after Mayorhood. He said he was happy to discover that there are days at the end of the week called Saturday and Sunday. He also told us about being forced by his staff to squeeze into a tiny hybrid SUV while he was Mayor to show that he was environmentally friendly. He held a press conference to show off his hybrid but nobody showed. Ha. We love that guy.

We also hear the planning department will be cracking down on internet usage of its employees which we strongly oppose, as much of our content is derived from bitter planners. Keep the internet free!
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