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CurbedWire: More Brits Invading

LOS ANGELES—A colleague passes along this tidbit on American Idol creator Simon Fuller's move to LA. It seems he just can't stand to be too far from his greatest creation (other than his cash cow talent show): Posh Spice. Svengali Fuller was also the force behind the Spice Girls, brokered Posh's recent reality TV show deal as well as hubby Beck's move to the LA Galaxy. So what's he buying here? According to E! Online his place cost nearly $8 million, "has three bedrooms, three and a half baths, a den, a media room and an infinity pool and spa. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow for quite impressive views of the city and coastline." But will it be close to Posh and Becks? Too soon to tell as they milk their house hunt for as much publicity as possible.
[CurbedWire Inbox]

BEVERLY HILLS—It's been about 3 seconds since we last checked in with our favorite anorexic bobblehead brit and her pretty, pretty husband. Thankfully, we have the Real Estalker to check in on their interminable house hunt. The latest on their Tour Of Very Expensive Real Estate in Los Angeles: the couple checked in on this $15 million manse on N. Alpine Drive in Beverly Hills. As the Real Estalker notes, this is the house TomKat has been pushing for, but sadly, the Beckhams have already nixed it. Stay strong, Beckhams! First the house, next the e-meter!

LOS ANGELES—You know what would really improve that 180 degree view you have from downtown to the beach? Your car. Sitting on your deck. So says one of our readers: "Carloft is cool. condos in germany where each apartment gets their own parking lot...just so you can sit in your living room and look out at your bentley. not bad. why doesn't LA have something like this? its not like we can all afford houses with giant driveways. i mean, i'm only able to pay $1.1m for my gardenbox condo. well, i can dream can't I? maybe when I retire I'll be able to afford a driveway. some smart architect should install condos into the hills with this in mind." [CurbedWire Inbox]