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Renzo Piano's LACMA Now With Less Glass

[Renzo Piano's sketch of the LACMA addition]

The LA Times reports that the Renzo Piano designed entryway for the new LACMA addition will be modified to accommodate our warm, wonderful California weather - it's super Olympic friendly. The former design featured a glass enclosure at the entryway, however LACMA director Michael Govan recognized that people in LA enjoy the sunny weather and being outdoors. Now thanks to the recent $25 million donation from British Petroleum, who's donation has nothing to do with image rehabilitation, the entryway will be known as the BP Grand Entrance.

The BP Grand Entrance, named Tuesday in honor of a $25-million gift from the oil company, will have a roof for rare rainy days and solar panels to exploit the many sunny ones. Otherwise, it will be an open-air structure, a sort of mega-gazebo on the museum's doorstep, supported by steel beams painted a bright red-orange. Hooray for BP and all the pollutants it helps put in our smoggy air.
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