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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Cast Offs

Thanks for the questions and comments again this week. Don't forget that we're also asking you readers to submit your nomination for ugliest building in Los Angeles. Time is running out. Via email,, submit you questions, comments and ugly building nominations to us. Pronto.

[rendering of the 9900 Wilshire's interior]

1) Cahuenga Pass: Sad news folks. The Casting Office is done. Frequent reader carter emails in: "Well, here is the abc license for Jason's favorite bar, relinquished, and probably awaiting a sale to the highest bidder. Appears that the last day was Valentine's!!! - as in massacre!!!"

2) West LA: Can we be any lamer? We have no guesses about the Sawtelle/Iowa situation, so maybe we'll add this to our repost list. Sorry.

3) Larchmont: No definitive answers on the holdup with the Larchmont Lofts, but speculation rests on environmental clean-up resulting from a gas station previously located on the site.

4) Beverly Hills: Ruh-roh. An anti-development person elected to the Beverly Hills City Council. Mr. Anonymous says: "yesterday one of the 2 BH City Council seats was won by an anti-development BH Planning Commissioner, who thinks mixed-use 'is a fad'." Again, that's not really an update on the status of the project. We'll report if we get any additional info.

5) Hollywood: Oscar museum. Shmoscar museum. Nobody sends us info on the stupid new AMPAS museum so we have to do actual time-consuming research which leads us to a post on the SkyscraperPage Forum where someone posts this: "Groundbreaking is set for 2008 on the museum, which will occupy 75,000 square feet next to the film academy's Pickford Center for Motion Picture Study. The academy's museum committee hasn't considered an architect yet, but Davis said members want the displays to be shown in pavilions spread over an outdoor space, "since the weather is what attracted the movies here in the first place."
The academy already owns much of the land at the planned site, but still needs to acquire some parcels along an adjacent commercial strip of chain restaurants and discount shops, Davis said."

6) Universal City: We might need more clarification from the querier on the question about development around Universal City. Are you referring to the massive project off of Barham that has neighbors freaking out or the Red Line parking lot where plans for a new parking structure are in the works? Or some other spot. Map please!

We're getting horrible at this. Your questions are getting hard. Thank you. May we have another. Email us at for next week.