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CurbedWire: NIMBYs 1, Developers 1

SUNLAND—Sunland-Tujunga Residents scored a victory over do-it-yourself monolith Home Depot, reports the Daily News. A zoning administrator halted construction on the $2 million conversion of vacant former Kmart on Foothill Boulevard. Residents want something much smaller in scale, like a Target. The Zoning Administrator said that the “conversion” (i.e., gutting) is more than a tenant improvement and is subject to an environmental review. This way all of the crazies can officially give their input. [Daily News]

BURBANK—The Burbank Whole Foods saga continues. The developer isn’t giving into the equine lovers just yet, according to the Daily News. In a last ditch effort to convince the City Council, which hasn’t enacted a resolution rejecting the project, developer is proposing a smaller store that will hopefully appease the horsey people and their concerns about cars competing with horses for the roads. Opponents are stomping with anger that the issue should already be dead and claim that this proposal is disingenuous. [Daily News]