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More on Shore. Pauly, That Is.

It seems our property guru is intimately familiar with the inner workings of Pauly Shore's real estate transactions in LA. We're not sure if we're scared or in awe. I think most likely terrified. Anyway, here's the lowdown to we can solve your insatiable quest for all things Pauly Shore-related:

From Property Guru: "The house behind the Comedy Store is actually owned by Pauly's mom and she's owned it forever."

[Curbed ED: We have an email from Pauly's assistant Errol, saying it is his house. Looking into the matter further.]

Property Guru goes on to note that: "Pauly's own house is at the top of Nichols Canyon, overlooking Runyon and the city. That house was featured on MTV Cribs years and years ago. Its what I'll call a "quasi-restored" (more on this later) mid-century with a pool."

And our PG notes that in the "ever so "real" VH1 show, Pauly talks to WEA about selling both houses for the $4MM to $5MM range each (a total joke) and buying one $10MM house."