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University Gateway Gets the Nod. Conquest Gets the Finger

Yesterday, the City's Planning and Land Use Committee gave approval to Urban Partner's University Gateway project at USC. The 8-story project, located at the corner of Figueroa and Jefferson, will provide some much needed housing for the kiddies at SC who's parents can't afford the lavish, luxury of a Downtown loft. The project had multiple supporters in attendance and some detractors, including a scruffy looking neighbor and the wormy lawyer for Conquest Student Housing. Councilman Jack Weiss (CD5), Curbed LA's patron saint, raked the Conquest lawyer over the coals with a ferocity he usually reserves for poor old people getting condo converted out of their homes. Weiss' prosecutorial side came out when he questioned the lawyer about Conquest Student Housing's repeated attempts to block projects by Urban Partners up and down the state. It was hot lawyer on lawyer action. He even summoned the lawyer to the podium for a second time after discovering the lawyer had provided misleading testimony before the committee, finally ending with a speech about Conquest's baseless objections. The University Gateway project will now go before the full council where it will likely receive approval. Poor Conquest. Looks like they wasted all that money putting up that fake anti-development web site.
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