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Supermarket Roundabout: Hello South Gate

The Financial Times is reporting that Tesco has its limey eyeball fully focused on locating a new store in the South Gate community. The Tesco store is even identified in a LoopNet advert (pictured above). This is fairly exciting news, considering that South Gate is almost entirely Hispanic, one of the poorer cities in the region, and generally in need of development dollars.

Also, we get an update on the continuing legal battles for Tesco's Riverside distribution center. Lawyers associated with the UFCW are trying to stop construction of the distribution center, under the guise of citizens concerned about air quality.

The stoppage is being sought by the law firm representing a group called Health First, which says it represents local residents concerned about air quality. However, the group is not known to other local environmentalists and is believed to have been established with the sole purpose of challenging the Tesco project. Tesco has requested information on Health First from its lawyers, Johnson & Sedlack, but has told the court it had received in reply “blanket objections and refusals to provide information or documents”.

Tesco says further delays could ultimately cost them $50 million dollars, or approximately 8,333,330 pints of Guinness at Finn McCools.
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