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Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. And Real Estate Tycoon?

We knew Jane Seymour is smokin' hot for 56. And she's the queen of TV cameos as the MILF-in-residence. And she's got, like, a dozen or two children including those twins she had when she was but a wee lass of 44. What we didn't know is her fine real estate pedigree, until Real Estalker laid it all about for us. It seems Jane and hubby James Keach (brother of Stacy) are trying to flip one of their Malibu mansions for $12,995,000. The house has 7 bedroom, 6 bathrooms, views of Point Dume, and a 6 acre compound. The requisite screening room, gym, pool, pool house, and his and her closets are of course included. And should that not be enough, the house also comes with permits to remodel the 3000 sq foot guest house.

But this house doesn't seem to be the Keach-Seymour's primary residence. They also have a house in Malibu's Coral Canyon where they're raising their clan and an estate in Bath, England that can be rented, and in fact has been featured in videos by The Cure and Radiohead.

But onto the history of this house. Celebrity pedigree? Check - they bought the house from brother Stacy who had owned it for 25 years. According to Real Estalker, that meant 25 years of deferred maintenance, and while the couple paid $4,500,000 for the property in 2004, they also invested $5 mil in a gut renovation. Military pedigree? Check - that view we mentioned? Came in handy during World War II when the property was used as a Coast Guard look out. Pricechopper? Check - the original asking price in Feb 2006 was $16 mil.

Do you know feel like you know more about Jane Seymour than you ever wanted to know? So do we.
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