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Rumblings & Bumblings: LL's Dirt Lot

Happy Election Day everyone! Don't forget to do your civic duty today by voting for your favorite lesser of two evils. Also don't forget to offer your responses to these excellent questions from actual readers. We'll take you answers in the comments or by email. Swell!

[rendering of Larchmont Lofts via the project site]

1) Cahuenga Pass: A dive bar goes missing. "I tried to go to The Casting Office - one of my favorite old dive bars on cahuenga (near barham) last night and was greeted with dark lights and an entire strip of empty storefronts. It looks like all the occupants of the small strip mall have closed the doors. -anyone have any idea of the fate of The Casting Office? -If they are going to tear down that strip mall any idea about what is going to be built? I can't find any mention of the bar closing."

2) West LA: Probably lofts. Or a Walgreens. "In Sawtelle/WLA, there's an old telephone switching facility at the SE corner of Iowa and Sawtelle that is being demolished. The lot next door to it has also been cleared, and they behind the same chain-link fence. What's going in there?"

3) Larchmont: Larchmont gains a mystery dirt lot. "What is the 411 on the Larchmont Lofts (Melrose and Larchmont)? It's been an empty dirt lot for two years now--real eyesore. Sorta waiting for the LL sign to disappear one day."

4) Beverly Hills: Okay. We're about due for an update. "Is there any news about the hotel-condo project at 9900 Wilshire Blvd????"

5) Hollywood: We received several questions about an Oscar museum. This is one of them. "What's the story with the Motion Picture Academy 7 acre Museum to be built in Hollywood next to the Picford Center on Vine? Any other info on that project?"

6) Universal City: We also received several questions asking for updates and details on the development at Universal City. "what are the plans for the 2 new blocks (large blocks) of construction below universal city on ventura blvd/cahuenga west?"

For your conevenience, please email your answers to us at or drop a note in the comments.