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Eminent Domain May Come to Westside

Some rich white homeowners love to complain about the government’s “abusive” use of eminent domain in taking peoples’ homes. But they, of course, snicker when they get home because they’re fairly certain that they’ll never lose their houses. But the poor minorities may get the last laugh when it comes to the 405. Using state funds from the transportation bond measure passed in November, Caltrans will expand the 405 through the Sepulveda Pass to include carpool lanes in both directions. Though there are several options, one option for expansion may require taking some tony Westside houses.

At worst, 30 multi-million dollar homes would be razed to widen less than a mile of the southbound freeway to meet federal highway standards; 11-foot-wide lanes would be widened to 12 feet. Under that proposal, residential properties and Village Church of Westwood Lutheran on Church Lane would be razed on the freeway's west side.Let the lawsuits begin!
· Westside Homes Stand in Way of 405 Freeway Project [CBS2]