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Lautner Update: No Crystal Ball for Desert Motels

Another update today, this one straight from the architect's daughter's mouth on the fate of the two Lautner-designed motels in Desert Hot Springs. We mentioned a while back that the owner, Steven Lowe, died unexpectedly and left no will, leaving the fate of the immaculately-restored motels unclear. Lautner's daughter, Judith, writes in to let us know:

The fate of the two hotels is in the hands of the family. The family members I have met are sensitive and committed to keeping Steve's dream alive - but that doesn't necessarily mean keeping both buildings as hotels forever. It's safe to say that the Lautner motel in particular will be preserved in some way that recognizes its beauty and unique qualities (and I don't just say that because I am John Lautner's daughter). The original materials inside the Beat will also find a good home.

At this time, of course, the estate has to go through probate, so it is essentially in suspense.

Damn! We hate suspense. It kills us. For those of us looking to get a taste a Lautner a little closer to home, Judith also lets us know the Hammer is planning a spring 2008 exhibition on Lautner, with help from the John Lautner Foundation. Yet another reason the Hammer kicks the ass of most other LA musuems. There, we said it, we love the Hammer.