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Santa Monica Place Shrinking, Upscaling

[Photo Credit: Flickr user moscoso]

For many people strolling on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, Santa Monica Place is a nice throwback to their teenage years in the Valley spent hanging out at the mall. Sadly for Frank Gehry, he designed this 80s eyesore, and sadly for Santa Monica, it still exists. Developer Macerich Co. bought the mall in 1999 and planned to construct a 10-acre complex of condos, retail, and offices. After the Santa Monica NIMBY Machine seized on the project, Macerich has re-conceived the project. The new plans will call for “sophisticated” retailers and actually shrink the mall. Macerich also plans to integrate the mall into the Promenade better:

In addition to stripping away the roof, the company plans to create public walkways, large gathering places and a third-floor dining deck with ocean views. Other amenities would include a children's play area, a public art installation and a gallery for exhibiting artists' work. We're yet to see any renderings. Maybe it's all a ruse to get more condos.
· Hopes High for Low-Profile Mall [LA Times]