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Curbed LA PriceSpotter Big Reveal

Friday we asked you to guess on the asking price for this 2BR, 2BA 1920s Italianate condo in Mid-Wilshire/K-town. Here's the answer.

Asking Price: $655,000
Listing: 855 S. Serrano Ave. #21 [The MLS]

We have two winners: Nick and spinsLPs (again). Spins must be a really good guesser or adept at using the MLS. Anyway, we were surprised how high some of you guessed- $1.2 million? This is a great apartment, but it isn't THAT great. And the neighborhood still hasn't won over all of the gentry yet. The owner must have forgotten to walk outside lately. That probably explains why it has been on the market so long. That, and our friend tells us that the seller is not much into negotiating. Some might call it stubborn.

Thanks for playing. See you next time.

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