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Curbed LA Goes to A+D

[scale model of LA Live's Ritz Carlton Residences & Hotel]

We found ourselves at the Architecture & Design Museum on Wilshire last night for the "Enlightened Development" Exhibit Opening Reception. It was a neat-o crowd with lots of architect and developer types and Councilman Bernard Parks [CD8] who gave a rousing speech about... well, we couldn't quite hear him since everyone kept talking. Manners, people. Manners. We also bumped into Ugliest Building Contest judge Lorcan O'Herlihy of LOHA. He's a non-conformist who finds beauty in ugliness. Sweet. Should make for an interesting winner. The exhibit featured scale models and pictures of various LA projects that curators say "embody innovative vision in the field of architecture and thoughtful consideration for the future of the urban fabric."

Among the exhibits was the LA Live tower (pictured), several projects from CIM and Urban Partners, the Community Corp of Santa Monica's affordable housing project with the aluminum sail, and your standard WTF? Eric Owen Moss architectural masterwork.

Thank you to Lettuce for letting us tag along. The exhibit runs through May 31st and is worth checking out.

Pugh + Scarpa's affordable housing project at 15th & Broadway in Santa Monica for Community Corp of Santa Monica.

The Mill Street Lofts project from Behnisch Architects set to go in next to the Biscuit Company Lofts.