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EaterTastings: We Get a Michelin Too!

We finally got bored with the fire coverage on TV (it was all over for us once they called in the Hollywood Sign Expert for analysis) and we flipped over to our usual Friday afternoon background noise: The Food Network. Which reminds us, its Friday and time to offer up our Eater Tastings for the week. Go, eat, enjoy. And if you know where to find great gefilte fish, let us know. Seriously. We need to know.

1) The Yogurt Wars continue. Now the vegans are getting in on the act. And poor Mrs. Fields in West Hollywood can now be considered collateral damage as Yogurtpia moves into her space.

2) So many restaurants slated to open in March. So few actually opened. But April is shaping up to be a big month (potentially) as Weho gets a whole lotta new places, restaurant hot spot Culver City gets Fraiche, Santa Monica gets a new bakery and we all get fat.

3) Celebrities only eat steak and sushi. There isn't a carb among 'em.

4) Eater LA unmasks the dirty world of faux-reviews and restaurant grudges. You mean we can't actually trust the citysearch reviews? We're shocked!

5) Best news we've heard in a while. LA and Las Vegas are getting Michelin guides! But can zee French understand LA's casual, unfussy cuisine? Mais oui!

6) Attention ex-New Yorkers! (Some of us editors included). Hollywood is going New York as Bowery owner plans to open Delancey and a few other places named after NYC streets. We'd be a little put off by the slightly cheesy naming conventions, if the Bowery wasn't such a slick looking bar with a damn good burger. So we'll give them a pass for now.

Until next week. And any gefilte fish suggestions that aren't from a jar, send them our way. We weren't kidding about that. Who doesn't love fish that comes in a loaf?