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Pico/Olympic: Think of the Children

Mid-way through yet another article about turning Olympic and Pico boulevards into one-way streets, we spied this paragraph about some local children under house arrest:

Lori Everett, who lives near Pico and Olympic, said the traffic has gotten out of control. But she worries that making them one way would result in more cut-through traffic. "It's already so busy it wouldn't be safe at all," Everett said. "As it is, I already can't let my kids on the front lawn" because of fast drivers. Kids can't even play outside because of traffic? Lordy, it's like "Boy in the Bubble," but entirely different. No idea that the traffic around the area was so dangerous or that drivers are taking short cuts via lawns. Out of respect for the Everett tykes, Curbed officially withdraws vote for one-way.
· One-way streets may get Westside on the fast track [LA Times]