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Perils of Traffic: Jews Split over Jack

The piling on continues. Janice Hahn, Dennis Zine, Bill Rosendahl, pro-development, anti-development, the Christians, the Muslims, and now the Jews. Councilman Jack Weiss' latest torches-and-pitchfork admirers have come calling and they're ready to recall. Total Recall. Via the Jewish Journal:

The chief bugbear of the recallers is that favorite L.A. conversation topic, traffic problems, which they link to overbuilding of condos and shopping malls, partly due, they say, to Weiss' combination of inaction and partiality to developers. Marcia Selz has been a West L.A. resident for 33 years,and served as president of the Holmby Hills Homeowners Association. She has just returned from two weeks working as a volunteer at an Israeli army base, which seems to have invigorated her fighting spirit.

"We're starting a revolution and taking this city back," she proclaimed. "This town isn't just for developers."

The Journal reports that the Weiss issue has split the Jewish community, with some saying Weiss is a "good Jewish boy" fighting terror while others are tired of his stand-off attitude and poor handling of the traffic situation. Weiss, busy yelling at himself in a mirror for looking old, was unavailable to comment.
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