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Lautner Motel for Sale

[View of private patio by Scott Van Dyke]

Just a few weeks ago we had an update from John Lautner's daughter on the fate of his Desert Hot Springs motel, whose last owner, Steven Lowe, died unexpectedly without a will. The fate of the motel rested in the hands of Lowe's sisters, but we learned the estate was in probate, so at the time, it was unclear what the future of the motel would be. Commenter modernism mafia suggested the sisters would put the motel up for sale for $1.4 million.

Today we came across the listing for the 4 room motel - for the bargain price of $745,000. We're not sure why the asking price is so far below other estimates, especially when his LA-area homes are selling for huge premiums. Perhaps our property guru or even Judith Lautner will weigh in again on the list price.
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