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Celebrity Real Estate Porn: The Bird Streets

Those ever-popular bird streets in Hollywood Hills are seeing quite a bit of celebrity house flipping activity lately. To wit:

Celebrity hairdresser, reality TV star and consummate metrosexual (although we're still not convinced of his strongly proclaimed heterosexuality)Jonathan Antin is selling his 2 bedroom, midcentury mod house at 1551 Oriole Lane, just off Doheny (and presumably not far from the Garagemahal). Asking price is $1,699,000. Antin purchased the house back in 1998, before home prices in the bird streets took off, for just $545,000. Now that Antin is a daddy, we assume he's looking for larger digs, where the entire backyard isn't dedicated to the pool.
· Jonathan Antin's Bird Street Blow Out [The Real Estalker]

Its been a long time since our favorite Cabaret MC lived here, but the owner of 9119 Thrasher Avenue is selling the place Joel Grey once called his home away from home. Grey owned the pied-a-terre there from 1994 to 1999, and had it remodeled by Franklin D. Isreal. Listing price for the 2 bedroom is $1,895,000. We had no idea Joel has such good taste - the post and beam house has walls of glass, walnut floors, a zen garden and approved plans for a second floor master bedroom, bathroom and office.
· Former Joel Grey Hollywood Hills home is for sale [Big Time Listings]

In other news, Fawn Hall has reduced the asking price of her home in the bird streets from $2,470,000 to $2,100,000. If you think that name is a blast from the past, check out the very 80s-inspired decor of her home.

And in non-bird street-related celebrity real estate news:
The Real Estalker strikes again, offering us up the scoop on Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale's new house in Beverly Hills. Lots of white. White, White, White. But the photos are (poorly) staged to look like a boutique hotel. Hopefully the Stefdales won't be living inside the eggshell. They bought the house for $13,250,000 from Sam Nazarian, who in turn bought it from J Lo. In fact, this is the house J Lo and Skeletor were married in, so the Stefdales will need to do some voodoo cleansing ritual to get rid of that mojo.
· Gwen and Gavin Up In Summit Circle [The Real Estalker]