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Rumblings & Bumblings: Echo, Echooo

We have way too many questions this week and can already tell we're going to be batting below .300. So please, for the love of R&B, please ask your friends and family to participate and get them to answer a question. It's free and it's anonymous. And it will only take a minute of your time. Information taken by comment or inbox (email us

[image of house from question #5]

1) North Hollywood: Here's a question the whole family can participate in. "What your opinion of the area along Magnolia just east of Lankersheim? Up and coming? Or just North Hollywood?"

2) South LA: Pete of the comments has a question. We really want to impress him so make us look good by answering. "Any idea what's going up at the corner of 55th and Figueroa in South Central? There's a big hole in the ground and a bunch of structural steel in place but I didn't see a sign indicating what it is. Is it subsidized housing, a government office, or actual market-rate development?"

3) Echo Park: Something doing in the EP. "I've been wondering whats going on at 2173-217something Sunset Blvd. (I might not have the address right but its pretty close) in Echo Park? Its all painted white and has what looks like a theatre marquee that has seen better days. There are no signs on it or anything but it would be such an epic spot for a venue! In fact, I'd like to lease it!"

4) Los Angeles: In an unrelated story, a friend found a shard of glass in her drink at Birds last night. But this is about "berds". "Any word on whatever came of the "birds on a wire"? There used to be 3 or 4 that I would see regularly in Venice, but I'm pretty sure they're all gone now. What gives?"

5) Beverly Hills: It's another creepy old house. "Hi there. Any idea what the deal is with this fairy tale house in Beverly Hills (pictured)? Is there a story behind it? Was it used for something? It's been undergoing a renovation forever..."

6) Westchester: Agai nwith the shops! Anyone know and care to share?? "Any more updates on what's going on at the corner of Manchester & Lincoln in Westchester? I know the Furama is going to be a new trendoid hotel but is there any word on what shops are moving into the retail space next to it?"

7) Hollywood: "About five years ago or so I worked for a company that occupied three floors of this building (NE corner of Hollwood & Highland). The elevators were death traps, but the bank vault in the basement was really cool, and the terraces on the 7th and 9th floors provided amazing views of the city and excellent sniper positions for the Academy Awards red carpet arrivals. When our company moved out there was hardly anyone occupying the building, although it does appear there are a few souls left, or maybe they just didn't clear out the junk in the windows. With all of the development in the area, why isn't this building being rehabbed?"

8) Echo Park: Mmm...Dream Center... sleepy. "Does anyone know what is happening at the “Dream Center” adjacent to the 101 freeway in Echo Park (I believe it used to be a Hospital)? I saw a Cannon construction banner on it this morning."