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Let's all move to Northeast LA

The New York Times had two interesting Los Angeles stories over the weekend. One was about art and the other about Northeast LA. The art story elicits a funny Gawker post which reads like something from The New Yorker. Seriously, those words and sentences are way too highbrow for us. The NELA story is a bit more dumbed down for our tastes, as it looks at the long-forgotten wasteland of craftsman house dwellers in the rolling hills of Highland Park, Mt. Washington, Eagle Rock, and surrounding environs. We'll take credit for pointing the author in the direction of Northeast LA, but once again our rambling quotes were cut from yet another story. Typical. The Times manages to interview one of our favorite realtors, Bob Taylor, about the burgeoning community.

“A $450,000 house in NELA would cost $750,000 in West Los Angeles,” said Bob Taylor, founder of Bob Taylor Properties, who has been a broker in NELA for 27 years. "And it only takes 15 minutes to get downtown from here. In West Los Angeles, it could take 30 minutes or more." Creative types who work in the film and television industry enjoy close proximity to major studios, like Warner Brothers and Universal. And then there are the views. Besides braying about the low, low home prices, the story also gives a pat on the back to the Highland Park Heritage Trust which stopped idiot developers from coming in and bulldozing the craftsmans and mid-mods for cheap stucco blights. Good job NELA. We're all moving in soon.
· Northeast Los Angeles: Ready for a Close-Up [NY Times]