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Ocean Park Boulevard's Grand Design

We're nothing if not fans of renderings and models showing the way our City could be, versus the way it actually is. We're also very nearsighted. More on topic, Santa Monica is presently looking at ways to keep residents happy and safe from killer cars speeding along Ocean Park Boulevard. At a meeting with citizens last week, the City and transportation engineers presented several alternatives (including the two above) and took public input about what they liked and didn't like. The goal is to make the boulevard less of a speedway and more of a pedestrian/bike friendly strip, lined with parking, and narrowed from four lanes down to two lanes. How radical. Imagine, a SoCal city reducing the widths of its roadways to encourage pedestrian activity and provide street parking at the same time. It's madness! Pure madness!
· Ocean Park Residents Ponder Options for Boulevard Redesign [Lookout News]