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Curbed LA's Ugliest Building Contest: Last Week

(image of Clown Ballerina via

This is the last week for you to submit your nomination for Curbed LA's Ugliest Building Contest. The deadline is midnight Friday. We need you to email us immediately at with your nomination. In addition to a brief description of why you're nominating the building, your submission should include one of the following: 1. a picture. 2. a web link, or 3.Local Live Link. Remember: Nominees must be from the CITY OF LA.

A panel of judges will select the winner and runner-ups. The winner, announced in APRIL, will receive a free dinner for four at Shakey's Pizza AND prominent mention on Curbed LA.

Our latest submission is borderline. We're not sure if we'll accept a piece of the building and not the whole building itself. But anyways, its all about the Venice Renaissance Building, aka The Clown Building. "It’s not really the building, it’s what is attached to it.

The northwest corner of Rose Ave and Main St in Venice. The Hobo Ballerina is the most hideous thing I’ve ever seen. Believe me, I live on Rose and I see it all too often."