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CurbedWire: Fit to Print

HOLLYWOOD - An obsessive Tesco stalker emails us with news that the Hollywood Galaxy Fresh & Easy location on Hollywood Blvd. has now filed for its liquor license. But more curiously he notes there is a mystery Fresh & Easy, possibly caught in the Liquor License Phantom Zone. "Number 19", as we now refer to it, may be the elusive Tesco planning to locate on your block. Let us all have hope. [CurbedWire Inbox]

SILVER LAKE - Looking to impress your mid-mod architect friends and spend oodles of money at the same time? Lucky for you, a 1 bedroom apartment is opening up at the end of April in Schindler's Bubeshko Apartments. Via the email we received: "Garnering world acclaim, this masterpiece building was featured in the MOCA Schindler Retrospective. One of the architect's best-known multi-family designs. The Bubeshko Apartments have been immaculately restored to near original condition." All yours for the monthly fee of $2,450. [CurbedWire Inbox]

LOS ANGELES - A reader emails us with the recent story in The Economist about the ongoing fight against Persian Palace blight on the Westside and in Beverly Hills. Those effected are none too happy. Via the article: "[Hamid] Omrani, who, like many of his clients, is an Iranian Jew, is furious. “If I wanted to have mullahs telling me what to do, I wouldn't have left Iran,” he growls. Yet, like others, he is trying to adapt to the growing list of controls by reining in designs and advising clients to remodel rather than rebuild. The result of the drift to preservation, he predicts, will be a blander city, less appealing to immigrants." [CurbedWire/The Economist]