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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Marscel, Marcell

It's the one time each week where we come together to help each other out. Ladies and gentleman, these are your responses. If you have further input or a new question, please email us at and we'll see you all again Tuesday.

[rendering of Marcell Plaza via LoopNet]

1) South Robertson: Typical. None of you kids provide feedback to us and we're seriously too wiped to do our own reconnaissance. We'll republish this Q soon.

2) Beverlywood: The dumpy old retail complex at Whitworth and La Cienega gets redone into a new fancy, three story L shaped minimall called Marcell Plaza or Marscel Plaza, depending if you believe the rendering or the LoopNet listing. Thank you to the commenters for the linkage.

3) Los Angeles: The City Nerd and others agree that the ordinance as proposed for relocation fees is not retroactive. There's supposed to be a Council Hearing in early April where things will get decided. Show up to speak if you want some retroactive fees, but it's kind of too late at this point.

4) Hollywood: An emailer provides some info on the Lofts at H&V: "Yes indeed the scaffolding is down and the building facade up-lit in the evenings, very lovely.

A pal has purchased two prime units and combined them into an amazing space. The advantage this building has over say the Taft or The Broadway is it's siting on the North-East corner of Hollywood and Vine. Fantastic sunsets, air and views looking West and into the hills.

I'm guessing since the building has two separate towers forming a "U" that there was not enough roof space to accommodate a pool. Though there will be a rooftop garden. But hey just make friends with somebody at the Broadway or the New W Hotel/lofts and enjoy there pool."

5) Valley Glen/NOHO: The project at Bellingham and Victory is "the biggest retail investment in the Valley, ever." Good thing we're hearing about this now. Via the comments we learn the project will consist of some big-box tenants and housing. Here's some exciting linkage with news of the $560 million investment.

6) Hollywood: That dirt lot in Hollywood, south of the Best Western, will apparently become another hotel. Give us the weekend and we'll do some sniffing around to find out the what-what.

7) Hollywood: We kindly asked Garcetti's office for an update on the 101 park but we never heard back. Fantastic! But in his latest eNewsletter which we received on the 20th, there was this little blurb: "One of the more striking ideas that has ever been brought to my office was putting a cap park over the 101 freeway that would stretch from Bronson to Santa Monica. The city is currently conducting a feasibility study to cover the concrete snake of the 101 with greenspace, reconnecting a divided community and providing open space to one of the park poorest communities in the country." We commend the staffer who coined the verbage: "concrete snake".

That's all for this week's R&B. We'll try again next week.