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EaterTastings: Naked Sushi Seems Unhygienic

Its Friday! Time to offer you a couple of nibbles from our sister site, Eater LA. Try not to ruin your appetite on bread. There's a full meal waiting for you over there. Above, the interior of Hadaka Sushi by Flickr user wassanova. Subtle, huh?

1) Pissed about getting stuck in the corner next to the busboy station at your favorite power lunch spot? Eater wants to know where you think the worst table in LA is.

2) Cole's est mort. Vive le Cole's! Nightlife impresario Cedd Moses has bought downtown's legendary Cole's P.E. Buffet, with plans to renovate the place. So while Philippe's can enjoy French dip dominance while Cole's is under construction, Moses plans to take on Philippe's once again in a couple of months.

3) When we talk about "naked" sushi, we thought it meant no soy, no ponzu. Hadaka sushi takes it a bit more literally.

4) Nothing like a little Hepatitus A scare to spur some socially conscious cooking. Wolfgang Puck declares a ban on foie gras in his restaurants, all the little animals are cage- and shackle-free before they wind up in your weiner schnitzel, and even the lobsters get first class accomodations before they're thrown into a vat of boiling water.

5) Eater LA is seduced by the charms of everyone's favorite condimentally challenged restaurant, Ketchup.

6) Deathwatch strikes again! Xiomara in Pasadena is closing. No word on what will be replacing the hard-to-spell latin-influenced restaurant.