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Funky Friday Apartment Listing

We think we've found the pastel home of our dreams. This Craigslist roommate ad is for the white room, at least we think its white. Our corneas may have burned out from looking at the other rooms.

Great old house, 2 story, big living/dining rooms, big back yard, off street parking, hardwood floors, washer/dryer, free utilities, wireless internet/cable (50$- a person) and split house cleaners every 6 weeks (50$- a person) Split house basics. Prefer someone clean and sober (1 year+) but anyone who is not a heavy drinker/druggie is ok. Fantastic neighborhood, walking distance to Sunset junction, Vermont and Metro, 1 month up front. Room for rent is the one in the picture (unfurnished) No drink or drugs? How do you expect us to cope with that candyland kitchen?
· $700 Cool old house [Craigslist]