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Star Wars Goes Postal

It doesn't officially begin until March 28th, but the US Postal Service and George Lucas have gotten together to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of Star Wars (suddenly we feel really really old). To honor this momentous occasion in cinematic history, the post office is wrapping mailboxes in 200 cities nationwide so you can drop that check for the cable company right into R2D2's greedy little mouth.

We have the first spotting so far - right near the Shrine auditorium downtown. Also totally worth checking out: the video teaser Lucas and the USPS have produced to introduce this bizarre partnership. We want to see more of these marketing mashups, because we firmly believe Lucas hasn't squeezed nearly enough licensing dollars out of this franchise. How about Viagra does a promotion with Star Wars light sabres? Flowbee and Chewbacca? The possibilities are endless.
· Lucas' R2D2 goes postal [from "yo"urs truly]