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CA Boom 4: The Courtyard House

[picture courtesy of Ripple Design]

Just a reminder that next weekend we will be live blogging at the CA Boom 4 design show in Santa Monica, but we still invite you to come out and see the homes and panel discussions. We're happy to see that the Courtyard House (formerly the OTTO Residence) will be one of the homes featured on the Sunday portion of the home tours. The architects, Ripple Design, are friends of Curbed. They gave us a tour a long time go and let us climb on the roof and study the fancy green works of the house. It's an amazing space. The Sunday tour listing is below, the rest are listed on the CA Boom web site.

Sunday, April 1 – CA Boom in Mar Vista/West L.A.
* Minarc – Minarc House *** Architect’s Residence***
* Escher Gune Wardena Architecture, Inc. - Pearson/Trent Remodel
* Frank Fitzgibbons, AIA - Marcassel Residence
* Richard Seltzer - Sheller-Borunda Residence
* Ripple Design - Otto Residence