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Fashion Square to Get Westfield Treatment

And we have yet another neighborhood mall fight a brewin'. Westfield's plans to make over the Sherman Oaks Fashion Square has set off the trouble alert of Sherman Oakians worried about the traffic. As it is now, the ugly out of date mall causes gridlock on Riverside and Woodman on the weekends. It is anticipated that a pretty mall, with shops that people actually want to go to will result in traffic Armageddon. Abandoned cars left idling at intersections as people flee the madness. Cars will be jumping barriers off the 101 to get to the parking lot. Oh, and before this thing gets too far along, may we suggest having somebody with experience design the new five level parking garage. Best to avoid repeating the Westfield Topanga disaster.

Westfield has submitted plans to the City to expand the mall by 80 stores, redo the food court, spruce up the exterior and add the aforementioned new parking structure. Opponents want an EIR. Proponents want a Pinkberry and H&M. Next stop: a public hearing.
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