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CurbedWire: Wild Rumors & Speculations

DOWNTOWN - A reader sends an email to us titled "beck's party pad." The content of said email says "Word is becks bought a penthouse down by sci-arc." Unconvinced, we asked a friend about this rumor in the following IM exchange:

"Curbed: someone wrote in saying Beck bought a penthouse by SciARC
Friend: yeah i heard that... on 3rd or whatever
Curbed: i haven't heard that. where did you hear that?
Friend: i dont remember actually
there's some nice new development going in there
and i think on a tour or something they said beck was buying in
but this could be a rumour to boost sales

which wouldnt surprise me" Us neither. If anyone attending his surprise show tonight at the Echo could ask him, please let us know what he says. [CurbedWire Inbox/MySpace] KOREATOWN - Has 3670 Wilshire been shelved or did someone just forget to pay a web site maintenance fee? An inquiring mind wants to know. "I am looking for a condominium prior to the replicant uprising and have been eagerly waiting for 3670 Wilshire to begin construction as it will tower over all the other projects.

I know you are primarily interested in Koreatown Coffee (props to I Love Boba! on Western!) but I noticed the 3670 Wilshire website just went down.

Hopefully they are updating -- or maybe those South Korean investment are drying up ahead of the coming real estate fizzle?" [CurbedWire Inbox]