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CurbedWire: Lieberthal likes the Sun

[picture of current Dodger catcher Mike Lieberthal and Prez Clinton, via]

WESTLAKE VILLAGE - A reader points us to a brief mention of new Dodgers catcher Mike Lieberthal's problems in Westlake Village. Via the Times: "Catcher Mike Lieberthal spent $300,000 on solar panels at his Westlake Village home, battling through objections by the city because he felt it is important to be environmentally aware.

"I plan on being in the house for many years," he said. "In the long run, it will benefit me financially." We wonder, why does Westlake Village hate the environment?? [CurbedWire/LA Times]

HOLLYWOOD - An emailer updates on Crobar in all its mutations around the country. "I saw your bit a while back on Crobar. (I don't think their CUP has been decided yet) Thought you might be interested in the police closing down the NY Crobar." Indeed we are. The NYC club was hit for "15 narcotics violations and 22 State Liquor Authority violations." And two ladies got shot in the leg. You know, business as usual. [CurbedWire/The Villager]

KOREATOWN - An update to a long ago request for a decent coffee shop in Koreatown. Seems your Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is coming. "Some time ago I told you that a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf was going up in the parking lot at the Ralph's near Wilshire & Western. I've gotten a little further information that it's actually going to be a Beanette inside the Ralph's itself (the parking lot is just being used to store building materials for a remodel), and it will be open by the end of April. I don't know if this precludes a full size one around the corner, and it may not give Coffee Bean enthusiasts the full ambiance, but there will be two hours free parking in the lot." [CurbedWire Inbox]