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What Would You Pay to Live Here?

We recently received an interesting email from a reader interested in leasing his latest fixer-upper. The problem - our potential landlord has no idea how to price the place. So we thought we'd throw the question open to the collective wisdom of our readers. What should the rent be on this place?

I'm a couple of years into being a novice serial renovator, I'm on my third property which is located in Silverlake. The first was a 1920's craftsman in Venice (which I sold to a certain Hobbit), the second a MCM Rodney Walker. The current house is what I term a Modge = Modern Lodge, formally a sad entombed in stucco 70's candidate for the ugly building award. Today she resembles a woodsy Arrowhead in the hills more modern then rustic I'd say. The house sits directly atop the Western ridge which affords dual views East of the lake and West to the ocean. The street is very nice, quiet and safe.

Sadly I cannot afford to reside in my own creation so I'm considering a lease. So my question is what's an educated guess on a range I could consider?