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Supermarket Roundabout: Tesco Supplier Drops Meridian

Oh jolly good! More Tesco news! A reader sends us news that one of Tesco's major suppliers, Britain-based Wild Rocket Foods will save itself $5.6 million and a boatload of time by dropping plans to open a distribution center in Meridian just south of Riverside. While the company won't reveal its new location, it claims that it still plans on hiring 350 workers for its packaged salads and produce operation.

Why would Meridian have cost so much? Apparently Wild Foods had originally planned to open a temporary plant while the Meridian one was under construction, costing the company $1.6 million to operate the temp location. Additionally, "Wild Rocket learned it would have to pay $4 million more than expected for wastewater disposal at Meridian." So the company said cheerio to Meridian. Tesco's other major supplier, 2 Sisters Food Group, seems undeterred by high wastewater disposal fees and plans to move forward with a plant in Meridian.
· Produce supplier shifting Inland building site []