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Rumblings & Bumblings: The Strip Mall

In the olden days, before the internets people had to wait until something was built to figure out what it was. But thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we can now predict with 55% accuracy what a dirt lot will become thanks to Rumblings & Bumblings. If you have a response to a question or a new question, please email us at and we'll post feedback on Thursday.

1) South Robertson: Mid Mod in recovery? "I notice on the corner Whitworth and Doheny, between Olympic and Pico and literally across the street from Beverly Hills, a two story mid-century modernish apartment building has apparently been emptied and is definitely surrounded by a green fence. It looks less like it's going to be demolished than refurbished to full mid-century modernity and offered for big bucks. Anybody have any actual information?"

2) Beverlywood: Mr. Whitworth Drive from above has a second question. "At the northeast corner of Whitworth and La Cienega a dumpy old retail complex and a dilapidated apartment house have been fenced off. If I were guessing I'd guess that it's all going to be torn down and replaced by a new building with retail on the bottom and residences on top. Is anybody knowing?"

3) Los Angeles: A coworker of ours is getting condo converted out of her place too. Hopefully, we'll get an official answer to this question. "I just read your article about relocation fees in condo conversions and was wondering whether you had any idea if this new law applied retroactively. I was given notice to move out in Jan. 29, and my eviction date is May 31. I have called my legislator and am waiting to hear back."

4) Hollywood: Lofts in H'wood are hot. Hot, we say! "My question is sorta a follow up to your update that the Broadway Hollywood building has been sold out for awhile now. Do you know how sales at the Lofts @ Hollywood and Vine (NE corner of Hollywood/Vine) are doing? I took the tour when the sales office first opened. I thought some of the individual units were nice, but the building lacked many of the amenities I would expect given the high prices and HOA fees. I've heard that the scaffolding has been removed and the building is now lit at night. Any info would be appreciated."

5) Valley Glen/NOHO: And from the Valley..."Does anyone know what they are developing at the strip mall area across from the Wells Fargo on Victory Blvd and Bellingham in Valley Glen/NoHo? All of the stores and the old theatre are boarded up?"

6) Hollywood: Here's a dirt lot question. "Do you know anything about the contruction site at 1921(?) N. Highland at Franklin Ave, just south of the Best Western Hollywood Plaza on Highland? Anything interesting coming up there??

7) Hollywood: And lastly, a reader requests an update on the freeway park. "Any updates on this project? Perhaps you can see if any other readers have insight?thanks "

Many thanks in advance for your patience with this week's postings.