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Teardowns Here, There and Everywhere

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One eagle-eyed (but camera-less) reader writes in to let us know about the rampant destruction taking place in Hollywood and Echo Park:

A few weeks ago you wrote about the buildings across the street from 101 café possibly being torn down, and this morning on my way to the bus I saw that all 4 of those unique little homes were in fact being rapidly torn down. That’s the entire block between Gower and the Vista Del Mar Ave. on Franklin. I think tenants moved out at the end of February, because their stuff was still being dumped out on the curb until yesterday. [ed. note: one of the commenters told us previously the teardowns were making room for "Hollywood Towers II." Sequels just never live up to the hype.] Also, the entire area bordered by Marathon, Kent, Rosemont, and Alvarado (that’s one block south of Alvarado/Sunset) is fenced off by the Board of Education, so I guess that battle failed and all of those houses are going to come down as well. Must be about 50 of them.

This is news to us. Last we heard, the activists opposed to the school, the Right Site Coalition, had won a court battle to get the LAUSD to do a full EIR back in December. Have an update? Let us know.