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Fixing LA: Connecting East LA to Downtown.

[competition entry from Harvard University: "Spanning the Divide"]

Reader Juan emails us news about the Urban Land Institute's contest to fix Los Angeles. More specifically, the design competition asked teams of grad students from around the country to improve connections between Downtown and Boyle Heights by reimagining the "cross-axial areas centered on East First Street and the Los Angeles River." The competition has come down to the final four teams: UC Berkeley, Harvard, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Harvard again. Those Harvard kids are smart like computers. The final four entries focused on expanding green space, increasing density, a revitalized LA River and mixed-use development around Mariachi Plaza. The competition will conclude March 30th at the Japanese American Museum in Little Tokyo, with presentations and announcement of the winning entry. The winning Harvard team will receive a $50,000 cash-money prize. But enough of our explanation. We know you're here to see pictures. Pretty, pretty pictures. More after the jump, or you can download the large PDF files from the ULI competition site.
1. UC Berkeley, College of Environmental Design: "Tectonics" [PDF]

2.Harvard University, Graduate School of Design: "Spanning the Divide" [PDF]

3. UI at Urbana-Champaign, College of Fine and Applied Arts: "Confluencia” [PDF]

4. Harvard University, Graduate School of Design: “East First Street Los Angeles” [PDF]