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Eater Tastings: I'll Have What She's Having, But With a Side of Hepatitis A

Now that awards season is over, celebrities can finally ingest solid food again. So if it seems just a bit harder to get a patio reservation at the Ivy, it's not your imagination. Fortunately, there's Eater for the rest of us. Let emaciated actresses pick at their iceberg lettuce hearts, hold the dressing; we'll peek in on what's new in LA's restaurant scene. Picture from Eater LA Flickr Pool by mondolind.

1) Another week, another announced wine bar downtown.

2) Sure, everyone gets excited when New York-based chefs Batali, Colicchio, or Tourondel announce they're coming to LA. But Chassagne? How do you even pronounce that? Eater LA seems excited, so that's good enough for us.

3) By now, we barely bat an eyelash when we hear about outrageously priced LA amenities. $400 for pet therapy? No problem, Fifi is worth it. $30 for bottled water from Hawaii? We'll have two! But $600 just for the privilege of seeing the sunset? Outrageous!

4) Obligatory BataliWatch mention: The zaftig, redheaded, clog-wearing man himself in the house.

5) Good thing celebrities don't eat. Now the dreaded muffin top isn't their greatest threat. Hepatitis A is! Eat up!

Mmmm, delicious Hepatitis A. Sweet, sweet liver disease.