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Celeb Wrap-Up: Brandon Selling

It always seemed that a lot of those kids from "90210" did pretty well for themselves business-wise after the show ended, and now comes word that Jason Priestley has listed his 3,550 square-foot home on Outpost Drive for $2.199 million. Real Estalker wonders about that insanely huge crucifix up in the staircase, but we are more captivated by that well-trained dog.
· Jason Priestley Sells The Peach Pit[Real Estalker]

"Gwen Stefani's house in Los Feliz has a vaguely spooky quality to it...there are candles flickering and religious iconography here and there. It's as if Stefani's entire home is a kind of Gothy take on old Hollywood." That's an old Vogue magazine article describing Stefani's home--and she just listed the six bedroom, five bathroom Mediterranean estate for $4.795 million.
· Gwen Stefani Selling Mediterranean Mansion[Real Estalker]

Lindsay Lohan (yes, we didn't make her the top story because everyone just needs to chill out on that chick) sold her apartment in the Sierra Towers. Originally, she planned to remodel the place, but never did, so unloaded it for $2.495 million. Also, if you buy in Sierra Towers, you can ride up in the elevator with Chandler and Cher.
· Condo? So Over It [LA Times]

Also in the LA Times: Former NYPD Blue actor Dennis Franz and his wife, Joanie, have listed their Century City town house for 1.4 million. The home is right next to 20th Century Fox, so it's probably perfect for an actor. Or for someone obsessed with Dennis Franz.