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EaterTastings: We're Going Behind the Green Door

Erin Go Bragh! We were so busy with green beer and basketball and spring break, and, like, stuff, we completely forgot to post our weekly Eater wrap-up on Friday. Apologies. We can only hope you weren't stranded on Friday night wondering where on earth to eat dinner.

1) R.I.P O-Bar? Eater LA gives the Thomas Schoos-designed Weho eatery eight more weeks. It has been open since 2004, which is like 18 in gay years.

2) We're not exactly sure what's going on here, but we think Sterling Steakhouse became Sideways a few weeks ago, which is about to become The Green Door. And here at Curbed, we plan on opening a restaurant called Deep Throat.

3) Tara Reid: restaurateur? Apparently the "actress" is one of the other celebrity investors in Ketchup, along with Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, and Wilmer Valderrama. Add this to an already sizable list of why we hate Ketchup (the restaurant, not the condiment. No, we could never hate you dear, dear ketchup).

4) BataliWatch was so exhausting for us. We're glad our sister site took over for the opening of Osteria Mozza. New pics, new opening date.

5) Most pretentious, yet vacuous, opening announcement ever, from the brains behind Kumo, a Michael Ovitz-owned Japanese-inspired spot on Melrose: "We have not altered our opening schedule, although we will not announce it but rather let people decide when it is time for our reputation to spread." Your reputation as a douchebag is already beginning to spread.

6) And special Monday Bonus: Why do the Jame Beard awards hate LA so much? Could it be the glut of celebrity-owned wastelands, gormless publicists, and porn-inspired naming conventions? Actually, that last one is pretty awesome. Go Green Door.