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LA's 770

Much like the common fast food outlet, religion has utilized standardized structures and signage to attract the faithful to gorge on God since the beginning of time. Mmmm... tasty, tasty God. Web blog O, Builder looks at the spread of Chabad centers (for the Jews), which have taken the original Chabad building design and replicated it more or less around the world.

This building, often referred to as “770,” has been replicated worldwide with varying degrees of precision, as Chabad centers or for other purposes. Currently there are twelve 770’s, including the original, in the United States, Canada, Israel, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, and Australia, and more are under construction in Cleveland, U.S.A and Santiago, Chile. Among the four Chabad's pictured below, one is from Los Angeles (can you guess which one) the other's are located in Sao Paulo, Milan and Tel Aviv.

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